Sword of Sherwood Forest

Sword of Sherwood Forest

Terence Fisher (1960)

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To those of a certain age, Richard Greene was the definitive Robin Hood, ushering in ITV in 1955 in a cleverly cast (though cheaply made) television series with a remarkably catchy theme tune. This is the feature-film spin-off, co-produced by Greene for Hammer Films. Alan Wheatley makes way for Peter Cushing as the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, and the film is directed by Cushing's old friend and Hammer colleague, Terence Fisher. Technicolor adds some scale, but this is really a cheap and cheerful affair. Look out for a young Oliver Reed.


Legendary outlaw hero Robin Hood rallies his merry men to thwart a dastardly plan by the Sheriff of Nottingham to murder the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has denounced the sheriff's plot to confiscate another nobleman's land. Medieval adventure, starring Richard Greene, Peter Cushing, Niall MacGinnis, Richard Pasco, Sarah Branch and Oliver Reed.

Cast & Crew

Robin Hood Richard Greene
Sheriff of Nottingham Peter Cushing
Friar Tuck Niall MacGinnis
Maid Marian Fitzwalter Sarah Branch
Earl of Newark Richard Pasco
Little John Nigel Green
Archbishop of Canterbury, Hubert Walter Jack Gwillim
Alan A'Dale Dennis Lotis
Wounded traveller Desmond Llewelyn
Melton Oliver Reed
Director Terence Fisher
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