Ice Cold in Alex

  • PG
  • J Lee Thompson (1958)
  • UK
  • 124 min
Ice Cold in Alex
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4 out of 5

This is the film in which John Mills swigs the most famous glass of beer in movie history. And how well he's earned it, having steered clear of the bottle, Axis troops and a minefield to bring an ambulance to safety after the fall of Tobruk in 1942. On board are second-in-command Harry Andrews, nurses Sylvia Syms and Diane Clare and Anthony Quayle's suspicious-acting South African, who bribes his way onto the ambulance with gin, threatening Mills's temper and temperance. Based on Christopher Landon's novel, itself inspired by the author's real-life wartime experiences, this is a straightforward but never simplistic tale of battling the odds. Director J Lee Thompson keeps the action tense enough to truly grip and every jolt felt in the vehicle's cabin will throw you to the edge of your armchair.

Plot Summary

Second World War drama starring John Mills, Sylvia Syms and Anthony Quayle. Libya 1942: an army officer with a drink problem leads a small party in an ambulance on a hazardous cross-desert journey to Alexandria.

Cast and crew


Captain Anson
John Mills
Sister Diane Murdoch
Sylvia Syms
Captain Van der Poel
Anthony Quayle
MSM Pugh
Harry Andrews
Sister Denise Norton
Diane Clare
Captain Crosbie
Richard Leech
Liam Redmond
British officer
Peter Arne
CMP captain
David Lodge
Staff officer
Allan Cuthbertson
German nurse
Vivian Pickles
CMP captain
Michael Nightingale
CMP lieutenant
Basil Hoskins
First German officer
Walter Gotell
Second German officer
Frederick Jaeger
German guard
Richard Marner
Paul Stassino


J Lee Thompson

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Black and White
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