Monkey Business

  • U
  • Howard Hawks (1952)
  • US
  • 92 min
Monkey Business
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Film Review
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5 out of 5

This isn't the Marx Brothers Paramount classic, but still one of the funniest and smartest Hollywood comedies. It's a movie that has never secured the reputation it deserves, considering its pedigree. It was made by, arguably, Hollywood's greatest ever studio director, Howard Hawks, who was also responsible for the scatty Bringing Up Baby and dynamic His Girl Friday. Hawks is reunited here with his star from those films, Cary Grant, who gives a sublime performance as a man reduced to juvenility for arcane plot reasons too complex to divulge. Ginger Rogers is a great foil, but it's Marilyn Monroe who steals the movie, aided and abetted by avuncular Charles Coburn. Hawks jazzes up the story with witty optical effects, and, all in all, this one is a humdinger.

Plot Summary

Screwball comedy starring Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers. A scientist carrying out research into the ageing process makes an accidental discovery while working with chimps.

Cast and crew


Professor Barnaby Fulton
Cary Grant
Edwina Fulton
Ginger Rogers
Mr Oliver Oxley
Charles Coburn
Lois Laurel
Marilyn Monroe
Harvey Entwhistle
Hugh Marlowe
Dr Siegfried Kitzel
Henri Letondal


Howard Hawks

Other Information

Black and White
Available on video and DVD
Certificate U