Young Frankenstein

  • PG
  • Mel Brooks (1974)
  • US
  • 101 min
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5 out of 5

This loopy send-up of classic chiller clichés from Universal's monster heyday is one of director Mel Brooks's best comedies, and it's also one of the genre's most thorough and successful fright film parodies. Gene Wilder plays the infamous baron's grandson, who copies his ancestor's experiments only to create the singularly inane Peter Boyle. Filmed in sumptuous black and white, and shot on sets used in the 1931 original Frankenstein, Brooks's ingenious tribute is often hysterically funny and always a scream. Madeleine Kahn's "bride", Gene Hackman's blind hermit, Marty Feldman's hunchbacked Igor and the marvellous "Puttin' On the Ritz" musical number add to the fun and give this loving homage real staying power.

Plot Summary

Horror spoof starring Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle. Though shamed by his infamous ancestry, medical-school teacher Frederick Frankenstein goes to Transylvania to receive a family legacy, and it is in that mysterious, far-off land that he dreams of reanimating the dead.

Cast and crew


Doctor Frederick Frankenstein
Gene Wilder
Peter Boyle
Marty Feldman
Madeline Kahn
Frau Blücher
Cloris Leachman
Teri Garr
Inspector Kemp
Kenneth Mars
Gene Hackman
Herr Falkstein
Richard Haydn
Mr Hilltop
Liam Dunn
Medical student
Danny Goldman
Herr Waldman
Leon Askin
Sadistic jailer
Oscar Beregi (2)


Mel Brooks

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Black and White
Available on video, DVD and BluRay
Certificate PG