The Birds

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  • Alfred Hitchcock (1963)
  • US
  • 113 min
The Birds
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This Hitchcock classic somehow strayed from favour for a while, yet in the realm of popular mythology it is now rivalled only by Vertigo or Psycho. Set in the remote California coastal town of Bodega Bay, the story concerns a small group of unsatisfied creatures. Two women and a young girl are all fixed on one man (Rod Taylor), and when a fourth (Tippi Hedren) arrives from San Francisco with a certain determination in her heart, a menacing populace of birds descends on the town, wreaking terror and havoc, right up until the film's inscrutable ending. But, as ever, Hitchcock is also having a laugh.

Plot Summary

Classic chiller starring Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor. A chance meeting in a San Francisco pet shop impels wealthy playgirl Melanie Daniels to track down lawyer Mitch Brenner at his mother's home in Bodega Bay, 70 miles away. As a gift, she takes a pair of lovebirds with her. This seemingly innocuous act unleashes the forces of nature in an unexpected and terrifying way as Bodega Bay becomes prey to "the Birds".

Cast and crew


Mitch Brenner
Rod Taylor
Melanie Daniels
Tippi Hedren
Lydia Brenner
Jessica Tandy
Annie Hayworth
Suzanne Pleshette
Cathy Brenner
Veronica Cartwright
Mrs Bundy
Ethel Griffies
Sebastian Sholes
Charles McGraw
Mrs MacGruder
Ruth McDevitt
Traveling salesman
Joe Mantell
Hysterical woman
Doreen Lang
Deputy Al Malone
Malcolm Atterbury
Karl Swenson
Helen Carter
Elizabeth Wilson
Deke Carter
Lonny Chapman
Doodles Weaver
Postal clerk
John McGovern
Man in elevator
Richard Deacon


Alfred Hitchcock

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