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Dirty Pictures

Frank Pierson (2000)

18 Certificate


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Despite winning a Golden Globe, this made-for-TV film is a messy account of the trial of Cincinnati gallery director Dennis Barrie, who was arrested for staging a supposedly obscene exhibition of images by the controversial photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe. James Woods seizes upon the role and is well supported by Diana Scarwid as the wife forced to endure his pillorying by the forces of moralising conservatism. But Frank Pierson's decision to stud the action with archival and talking-head interjections by such luminaries as George Bush Sr and Pat Buchanan and the counterblasting Salman Rushdie and Susan Sarandon, proves a fatal miscalculation.


Fact-based drama, telling the story of the curator of an art gallery put on trial for breaching obscenity laws after displaying the sexually explicit work of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Starring James Woods, Ann Marin, Craig T Nelson and Diana Scarwid.

Cast & Crew

Dennis Barrie James Woods
Dianne Barrie Diana Scarwid
Sheriff Simon Leis Craig T Nelson
Prouty Leon Pownall
Sirkin David Huband
Mizibov Judah Katz
Albanese R D Reid
Lobb Matt North
Director Frank Pierson
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video