Invisible Child

Invisible Child

Joan Micklin Silver (1999)

PG Certificate


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Taking the Harvey concept of an invisible friend one step further, this TV movie gives us a mother with an imaginary middle child. Rita Wilson's family conspires in her shared fantasy, even hiring a nanny to help with their "three" children. Things start to unravel when the nanny becomes concerned for the wellbeing of the eldest daughter and decides to alert the authorities. This uncomfortable blend of fantasy and family drama treats mental illness far too lightly. Director Joan Micklin Silver (Crossing Delancey) is seemingly uncertain of the right tone, veering clumsily between sweetness and melodrama.


A nanny is initially taken aback to learn one of the children she has been hired to take care of is a figment of her disturbed employer's imagination, but soon begins to help the entire household lead a better life. Drama, starring Rita Wilson, Victor Garber, Mae Whitman and Tushka Bergen.

Cast & Crew

Annie Beeman Rita Wilson
Tim Beeman Victor Garber
Rebecca "Doc" Beeman Mae Whitman
Sam Beeman David Dorfman
Gillian Tushka Bergen
Director Joan Micklin Silver
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video