Are You Being Served?

  • PG
  • Bob Kellett (1977)
  • UK
  • 91 min
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1 out of 5

Grace Brothers opened for business as part of the BBC's Comedy Playhouse in the early 1970s, but never in its ten-year history were the shelves as bare as they are in this feeble feature. Abandoning the clothing department for the Costa Plonka, the staff are soon engaging in the usual smutty banter as sun, sand and booze take their toll. Why did the makers of these spin-offs always insist on breaking with the winning sitcom formula? It's even more puzzling here, as it was the petty shop-floor rivalries and tacky sales gimmicks that provided most of the laughs.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Mollie Sugden and John Inman. The attractive promise of sun, sea and possibly even a suggestion of sangria lures the quarrelsome staff of Grace Brothers department store to holiday on the Costa Plonka.

Cast and crew


Mrs Slocombe
Mollie Sugden
Mr Humphries
John Inman
Captain Peacock
Frank Thornton
Mr Lucas
Trevor Bannister
Miss Brahms
Wendy Richard
Mr Grainger
Arthur Brough
Mr Rumbold
Nicholas Smith
Arthur English
Young Mr Grace
Harold Bennett
Don Bernardo
Andrew Sachs
Karan David
Cesar Rodriguez
Glyn Houston


Bob Kellett

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