Wandering Eye

  • Fran├žois Dompierre (2011)
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Wandering Eye
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2 out of 5

In yet another ham-fisted TV movie about the evils of the internet, neglected doctor's wife Amanda Righetti is targeted by a serial killer, after using the titular networking site designed to facilitate extramarital affairs. But her marked-woman status proves largely uninspiring to watch, thanks to insubstantial plotting and an absence of tension and realism that makes even the climactic confrontation seem disappointingly benign. Most of this so-called thriller focuses on dull police investigation, with a handful of attention-grabbing murders thrown in to emphasise the threat to Righetti - and generate some ineffectual red herrings. As for the real perpetrator, they give themselves away immediately, delivering a scenery-chewing psycho act that ends up more Scooby-Doo than scary.

Plot Summary

Crime thriller starring Amanda Righetti. With her husband working long hours, Maren Abbott seeks solace on extramarital dating site Wandering Eye. But when her new beau is murdered, she finds herself in the firing line of a serial killer.

Cast and crew


Maren Abbott
Amanda Righetti
Jacqueline Fitzpatrick
Krista Bridges
Kyle Solomon
Andrew Shaver
Will Atherton
Allen Altman
Amy Sobol


Fran├žois Dompierre

Other Information

Edited for sex scenes.