Carry On Doctor

  • PG
  • Gerald Thomas (1968)
  • UK
  • 90 min
Carry On Doctor
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3 out of 5

After seven consecutive spoofs of other movies, the Carry On crew returned to the world of work for this lively comedy that virtually takes up from where Carry On Nurse left off. The timing of another hospital picture couldn't have been better for Sid James, who was genuinely bedridden for much of the production. Consequently, most of the workload falls upon Kenneth Williams as a sneering consultant, Jim Dale as the clumsy Dr Kilmore, and Frankie Howerd, who makes an impressive series debut as a fussy faith healer. However, Charles Hawtrey steals the show, experiencing the pangs of a sympathetic pregnancy.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Frankie Howerd, Sidney James and Kenneth Williams. Francis Bigger is a notorious charlatan who tours the country lecturing on the subject of mind over matter. During one of his performances he falls off the platform and is taken to the chaotic local hospital.

Cast and crew


Francis Bigger
Frankie Howerd
Charlie Roper
Sidney James
Dr Tinkle
Kenneth Williams
Mr Barron
Charles Hawtrey
Dr Kilmore
Jim Dale
Sandra May
Barbara Windsor
Chloe Gibson
Joan Sims
Hattie Jacques
Nurse Clarke
Anita Harris
Ken Biddle
Bernard Bresslaw
Mr Smith
Peter Butterworth


Gerald Thomas

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Rank Film Dists Ltd
Available on video and DVD
Certificate PG