Gregor Jordan (2010)

18 Certificate


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Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon, The Damned United) takes a break from real-life characters to play an American Muslim terrorist in this thought-provoking, if occasionally clumsy, psychological thriller. The British star gives a powerful performance as a former military man who claims to have placed nuclear bombs in three American cities; now in custody, it's up to by-the-book FBI agent Carrie-Anne Moss and cheerfully brutal black ops interrogator Samuel L Jackson to find out where the explosives are before they go off. Most of the action is confined to the interrogation centre and although director Gregor Jordan succeeds in ratcheting up some countdown tension, he is more interested in exploring the moral issues surrounding the use of torture, with Jackson prepared to do the unthinkable to get Sheen to break. It goes off the rails in the final act, but it's an intriguing thriller all the same.


A trained black-ops interrogator and an FBI agent are forced to resort to extreme measures to coerce a rogue nuclear expert to divulge the locations of three devices ready to explode in major US cities. Gregor Jordan's thriller, starring Samuel L Jackson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Michael Sheen and Stephen Root.

Cast & Crew

H Samuel L Jackson
Agent Helen Brody Carrie-Anne Moss
Younger Michael Sheen
Charlie Stephen Root
Rina Lora Kojovic
Jack Saunders Martin Donovan
Agent Vincent Gil Bellows
Agent Jackson Brandon Routh
Director Gregor Jordan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence.Available on: DVD and Blu-ray