Beyond the Prairie: the True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Beyond the Prairie: the True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Marcus Cole (2000)

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Richard Thomas takes on the role made famous by Michael Landon in Little House on the Prairie, in this sincere if frequently melodramatic reconstruction of rural life in 1880s South Dakota. Based on four volumes of the eponymous heroine's autobiography, the story chronicles Laura's passage from schoolteacher to homesteader's wife and covers everything from crop failure and the death of her first child to fires, blizzards and a diphtheria epidemic. The period trappings and the support playing are admirable, but Meredith Monroe as Laura might prove a little too modern for fans of both the books and the TV show.


Biopic of the author of The Little House on the Prairie, following her life in 19th-century Dakota. She endures various disasters and tragedies - but surves with the loving support of her family. Starring Tess Harper, Lindsay Crouse, Richard Thomas and Meredith Monroe.

Cast & Crew

Laura Ingalls Wilder Meredith Monroe
Charles Ingalls Richard Thomas
Almanzo Wilder Walton Goggins
Mary Ingalls Barbara Jane Reams
Grace Ingalls Courtnie Bull
Caroline Ingalls Lindsay Crouse
Carrie Ingalls Haley McCormick
Director Marcus Cole
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