Carry On Girls

  • PG
  • Gerald Thomas (1973)
  • UK
  • 84 min
Carry On Girls
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2 out of 5

In this weak entry in the Carry On series, councillor Sidney Fiddler (Sid James) decides that a beauty contest is the only way to put the sleepy seaside resort of Fircombe on the map, which soon has his girlfriend Connie (Joan Sims) and the local feminists up in arms. Combining the gentle social satire of an Ealing comedy with the sniggering sauciness of a Donald McGill postcard, this is the least focused of the films. Much of the blame lies with Talbot Rothwell's script, which contains sequences that are more in keeping with the St Trinian's comedies. However, James and June Whitfield make lively adversaries and there are splendid supporting performances from Kenneth Connor as the feeble mayor and Patsy Rowlands as his newly liberated wife.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Sidney James, Joan Sims and Kenneth Connor. Sidney Fiddler bullies the town council of Fircombe, a seaside resort, into staging a beauty contest as a publicity stunt. But the idea meets with fervent opposition from his girlfriend Connie and the local Women's Liberation group, led by Mrs Augusta Prodworthy.

Cast and crew


Sidney Fiddler
Sidney James
Connie Philpotts
Joan Sims
Frederick Bumble
Kenneth Connor
Hope Springs
Barbara Windsor
Peter Potter
Bernard Bresslaw
Augusta Prodworthy
June Whitfield
Peter Butterworth
Jack Douglas
Mildred Bumble
Patsy Rowlands
Mrs Dukes
Joan Hickson
Police inspector
David Lodge
Paula Perkins
Valerie Leon
Dawn Brakes
Margaret Nolan
Sally Geeson
Miss Bangor
Angela Grant
Ida Downs
Wendy Richard
Councillor Pratt
Arnold Ridley
Robin Askwith
Patricia Franklin
Cecil Gaybody
Jimmy Logan
Fire brigade chief
Bill Pertwee


Gerald Thomas

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Peter Rogers Prods Ltd
Brief nudity.
Available on video and DVD
Certificate PG