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  • Christopher Menaul (2012)
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Teacher Jonathan Smith's novel about a real-life group of bohemian artists living on the Cornish coast just before the First World War was published in 1996. Back then, he probably never imagined that his most prodigious student would go on to produce and take a lead role in its big-screen adaptation. But his pupil was Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens, and he has brought his mentor's work to glittering life here, with a touching performance as Gilbert Evans, the land agent in charge of the Lamorna Estate. Dominic Cooper oozes charisma as roguish artist AJ Munnings, who is at the heart of the group, but events take a devastating turn when effortless beauty Florence Carter-Wood (played by Emily Browning) arrives and steals the hearts of both men. The real star of the film, however, is undoubtedly the landscape: the dramatic cliffs, crashing waves and oppressive clouds gloriously captured gathering overhead create the perfect setting for this heartbreaking love-triangle.

Plot Summary

Premiere. Painter AJ Munnings goes to live in a bohemian commune on the Cornish coast at the turn of the 20th century. He is drawn into a love triangle with a fellow artist and a land agent in charge of the estate while around them Europe edges towards the outbreak of the First World War. Period drama, starring Dominic Cooper, Emily Browning and Dan Stevens.

Cast and crew


AJ Munnings
Dominic Cooper
Florence Carter-Wood
Emily Browning
Gilbert Evans
Dan Stevens
Laura Knight
Hattie Morahan
Harold Knight
Shaun Dingwall
Mia Austen
Joey Carter-Wood
Max Deacon
Colonel Paynter
Michael Maloney
Mr Carter-Wood
Nicholas Farrell
Mr Jory
Roger Ashton-Griffiths


Christopher Menaul

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Swearing, nudity.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 14 Jun 2013
Certificate 15