Final Verdict

Final Verdict

Richard Roy (2009)

12 Certificate
Thu 30 Nov 4:05am - 6am Sony Movie Channel


Our Score
Corruption, lies and murder are rendered dull and predictable in this weakly written and directed TV movie, starring Smallville's Erica Durance. Struggling to flesh out her thin and forgettable character, she plays an assistant DA who starts to unearth dangerous secrets after the wife-killer she put away has his conviction overturned. Soon key figures in the original prosecution wind up dead, as the skeletal story establishes its obvious red herrings, before tying together the clichéd and atmosphere-free events with unconvincing speed and ease. An unnecessary romance between Durance's super-snooper and an insipid photojournalist (Steve Byers) provides padding and a few highly convenient eureka moments, while rushed final twists only reveal what most viewers will have already guessed.


A lawyer's career is advanced when she successfully prosecutes a man for the murder of his wife, ultimately earning her the job of assistant district attorney. Years later, she discovers that the man she put away may have been innocent after all - and that he now wants revenge on her for his imprisonment. Thriller, starring Erica Durance and Sebastien Roberts.

Cast & Crew

Megan Washington Erica Durance
Ray Voss Sebastien Roberts
William McCauley Bruce Dinsmore
Judge Randfield Terry Haig
Director Richard Roy

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence, swearing and sex scenes.