Fierce Creatures

  • 12
  • Fred Schepisi, Robert Young (2) (1997)
  • US / UK
  • 89 min
Fierce Creatures
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2 out of 5

John Cleese reassembled the team from A Fish Called Wanda (including Kevin Kline, Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Palin) for this soft-hearted caper. Cleese plays the new manager appointed by an Australian media mogul to jazz up a local menagerie by adopting a "fierce creatures only" policy. Fearing for the future of the zoo and reluctant to change, his keepers hatch a plan to promote their fluffy little favourites as maneaters. Sadly, this follow-up lacks the magic of the original, and, despite the valiant efforts of a host of familiar faces, that vital spark is largely missing.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline and Michael Palin. When an Australian media tycoon acquires a provincial English zoo, his only concern is that he gets a return on his investment. To this end, new manager Rollo Lee orders that the zoo should only feature crowd-pleasing dangerous animals - a policy that brings him into conflict with the defiant zookeepers.

Cast and crew


Rollo Lee
John Cleese
Willa Weston
Jamie Lee Curtis
Vince McCain / Rod McCain
Kevin Kline
Bugsy Malone
Michael Palin
Reggie Sealions
Ronnie Corbett
Cub Felines
Carey Lowell
Sydney Small Mammals
Robert Lindsay
Neville Coltrane
Bille Brown
Gerry Ungulates
Derek Griffiths
Di Admin
Maria Aitken


Fred Schepisi
Robert Young (2)

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
U.I.P. (UK)
Contains violence and swearing.
Available on video and DVD
Certificate 12