• 18
  • Andrew Dominik (2000)
  • Aus
  • 90 min
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An extraordinary movie about an extraordinary man, this is the boldest Australian film in a decade. Downbeat, gritty and ultra-violent, the sensational feature debut of rock-video director Andrew Dominik is a long, sharp shock to the system and offers a show-stopping central performance from Eric Bana (at the time better known for stand-up comedy). This totally unclassifiable biography of notorious criminal Mark "Chopper" Read mixes startling facts from his numerous bestsellers (one was titled How to Shoot Friends and Influence People) with large doses of pulp fiction regarding the supposed 19 murders that he committed. Using a wild array of stylistic tricks - harsh lighting, frenetic camerawork for the drug-taking, characters speaking in rhyming couplets - Dominik's fascinating, funny and frightening look at Read's playful sadism is a masterpiece of innovation. Bana - the real Chopper's casting suggestion - is simply flawless, enacting the man's wicked humour and mood swings with total conviction. You can't help but laugh while being appalled by this portrait of degenerate brutality, neatly summed up by the opening line: "I'm just a normal bloke who likes a bit of torture."

Plot Summary

Biographical crime drama starring Eric Bana as Mark "Chopper" Read, the notoriously violent Australian hoodlum who became a bestselling author.

Cast and crew


Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read
Eric Bana
Jimmy Loughnan
Simon Lyndon
Keithy George
David Field
Dan Wyllie
Detective Downey
Bill Young
Neville Bartos
Vince Colosimo
Keith Read
Kenny Graham
Kate Beahan


Andrew Dominik

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Contains violence, swearing, drug abuse and nudity.
Available on video and DVD
Released 24 Nov 2000
Certificate 18