The Magnificent Eleven

The Magnificent Eleven

Jeremy Wooding (2012)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Sloppy British comedy that sees Robert Vaughn shamelessly exploit his part in that western as a gangster who threatens an Indian restaurant. An amateur football team stands in his way.


The inept players of an amateur football team drown their sorrows at an Indian restaurant after finishing bottom of the league again, but are unable to pay their bill. They settle their debt by defending the establishment against an American gangster and his thugs. Comedy, starring Keith Allen, Sean Pertwee and Robert Vaughn.

Cast & Crew

Dave Keith Allen
Pete Sean Pertwee
American Bob Robert Vaughn
Ramesh Phillip Rhys
Jodie Jenna Harrison
Clare Tanya Franks
Andy Josh O'Connor
Larry Gary Mavers
Director Jeremy Wooding
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour