The Hound of the Baskervilles

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Sidney Lanfield (1939)

PG Certificate


Our Score
This chilling joy must be the classiest Sherlock Holmes movie in the B-picture canon, even if Nigel Bruce's Watson is left spluttering behind Basil Rathbone's superb Holmes. The moors are scarved in fog as the intrepid sleuths follow the paw-prints of an enormous beast that's threatening the last of the Baskerville line. The supporting cast includes horror film stalwarts Lionel Atwill and John Carradine, whose presence helps to maintain the suitably macabre atmosphere. Surprisingly, for 1939, Holmes's final words are: "Quick, Watson, the needle!" - a reference to his drug addiction, but audiences of the time scarcely knew that. They must have thought he'd taken up sewing.


Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson investigate claims that the last remaining member of the aristocratic Baskerville family is being persecuted by a monstrous spectral hound roaming the remote Devon moors. Mystery, starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Richard Greene and Lionel Atwill.

Cast & Crew

Sherlock Holmes Basil Rathbone
Dr Watson Nigel Bruce
Sir Henry Baskerville Richard Greene
Dr James Mortimer Lionel Atwill
Beryl Stapleton Wendy Barrie
Barryman John Carradine
Frankland Barlowe Borland
Jenifer Mortimer Beryl Mercer
Director Sidney Lanfield
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Other Information

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