Judgment Day: the John List Story

Judgment Day: the John List Story

Bobby Roth (1993)

15 Certificate


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It took a report on America's Most Wanted show to bring John List to justice 18 years after he murdered his mother, wife and three children, and vanished, leaving only a confession and no clues to his whereabouts. Robert Blake convinces here as the New Jersey accountant whose long-repressed resentment at a childhood of abuse suddenly drives him to violent crime. Equally imposing is David Caruso as the FBI agent who refuses to be beaten by the seemingly baffling case. With Beverly D'Angelo, Carroll Baker and Alice Krige rounding off an impressive cast, this is better than most true-life TV movies.


An apparently respectable, mild-mannered accountant who was abused as a child finally snaps under the pressure of his pent-up emotion. Tormented by the past, the once devoted family man cold-heartedly slaughters his wife and children - before embarking on a lengthy race to escape the FBI. Fact-based drama, starring Robert Blake, Beverly D'Angelo, David Caruso and Melinda Dillon.

Cast & Crew

John List Robert Blake
Helen List Beverly D'Angelo
Jean Syfert Alice Krige
Eleanor Melinda Dillon
Agent Bob Richland David Caruso
Alma List Carroll Baker
Director Bobby Roth
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains some violence. Available on: video