A Hijacking

  • 15
  • Tobias Lindholm (2012)
  • Den / Nor (SUB)
  • 99 min
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4 out of 5

In this outstanding thriller, a nightmare scenario unfolds when armed Somali pirates take over a Danish cargo ship in the Indian Ocean. Back in Copenhagen, the shipping company's no-nonsense CEO (Borgen's Soren Malling) is determined to stonewall the hijackers' financial demands, leaving the sympathetic ship's cook (Pilou Asbaek, another Borgen alumni) and other western crew members to sweat it out. While the film never quite portrays the Somalis as cartoonish bad guys, its focus is more on the fear and claustrophobia experienced by the captives and the weight of responsibility falling on a boss who's clearly winging it. Gary Skoldmjose Porter is especially convincing as the owners' jargon-spouting corporate security consultant - it's precisely what he does for a living off-screen. Writer/director Tobias Lindholm, who previously scripted the excellent wrong-man drama The Hunt (2012), calibrates every move in the anxious negotiations with assured precision, and although this means a preponderance of ship-to-shore dialogue, the results are gripping, with the action growing increasingly tense as gun-toting violence looms.

Plot Summary

A cargo vessel returning to port is attacked by Somali pirates, who take the crew hostage and demand millions of dollars from the shipping company for their safe return. The seamen find themselves pawns in a battle of wills between the hijackers and their own employers. Thriller, starring Pilou Asbaek and Soren Malling. In Danish, Swedish, English, Japanese and Somali.

Cast and crew


Mikkel Hartmann
Pilou Asbaek
Peter C Ludvigsen
Soren Malling
Lars Vestergaard
Dar Salim
Roland Moller
Connor Julian
Gary Skjoldmose Porter
Abdihakin Asgar
Marian Hartmann
Amalie Ihle Alstrup
Kamilla Hartmann
Amalie Vulff Andersen
Anette Ludvigsen
Linda Laursen


Tobias Lindholm

Other Information

Danish, English +subtitles
Theatrical distributor: 
Arrow Films
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 10 May 2013
Certificate 15