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  • Allen Coulter (2010)
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2 out of 5

Twilight's vampire heart-throb Robert Pattinson reprises his patented mean and moody act here, playing the all-too-human Tyler Hawkins. Tyler is a flawed, angry young man rebelling against his wealthy father (Pierce Brosnan) in the wake of his brother's suicide. Emilie de Ravin plays Ally, the girl who might save Tyler from himself, except that she's also dealing with a stifling parent (Chris Cooper) as well as the trauma of witnessing her mother's murder when a child. Instead of lightening each other's load, the pair seem to drag each other down into a self-indulgent whirl of despair, and that's just no fun to watch. Tyler's evolving relationship with dad and his little sister (Ruby Jerins) are more subtly handled, and Brosnan's performance is especially intriguing as he reveals emotional depth behind a smug veneer. Alas, the story comes to a numbing halt with a finale that is not only shamelessly manipulative but vaguely distasteful as well. Best forgotten.

Plot Summary

Romantic drama starring Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin. Following his brother's suicide, 20-something New Yorker Tyler Hawkins has slipped into a life of heavy drinking, leading to clashes with his businessman father. When he meets the beautiful Ally Craig, Tyler's life seems to be turning a corner, but Ally is fighting demons of her own.

Cast and crew


Tyler Hawkins
Robert Pattinson
Charles Hawkins
Pierce Brosnan
Ally Craig
Emilie de Ravin
Neil Craig
Chris Cooper
Diane Hirsch
Lena Olin
Caroline Hawkins
Ruby Jerins
Les Hirsch
Gregory Jbara
Tate Ellington
Aidan Hall


Allen Coulter

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Theatrical distributor: 
E1 Entertainment
Violence, swearing, sex scenes.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 2 Apr 2010
Certificate 12
E1 Entertainment UK