Singin' in the Rain

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  • Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen (1952)
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Singin' in the Rain
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Never, in the whole history of American cinema, has such a collection of talents come together at the peak of their abilities to generate such an enjoyable and clever movie. Not only is this utterly irrepressible, but the story also beautifully evokes the excitement and pleasure of making motion pictures. Gene Kelly, co-director (with Stanley Donen) and star, was responsible in his lifetime for providing enormous pleasure for movie audiences, and his joyous rendition of the title song in this film stands as a lasting tribute. For those who don't know, this film is an affectionate parody of the days when sound came to Hollywood in the wake of The Jazz Singer, and every incident wittily referred to in Betty Comden and Adolph Green's screenplay actually happened. And, for those who do know, Singin' in the Rain is the supreme original - it wasn't a book and the subsequent stage show was inspired by the film. It's a unique work of art crafted for the screen in a studio (MGM) at its height.

Plot Summary

Classic musical starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor. Silent film stars Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont are the golden couple of 1920s Hollywood. However, when "talkies" become all the rage, prima donna Lina is shown up by the new technology and aspiring actress Kathy Selden is called in to dub her voice.

Cast and crew


Don Lockwood
Gene Kelly
Kathy Selden
Debbie Reynolds
Cosmo Brown
Donald O'Connor
Lina Lamont
Jean Hagen
RF Simpson
Millard Mitchell
Zelda Zanders
Rita Moreno
Roscoe Dexter
Douglas Fowley
Dora Bailey
Madge Blake
Cyd Charisse


Gene Kelly
Stanley Donen

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