Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory

Richard Donner (1997)

15 Certificate


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Mel Gibson plays a neurotic New York cabbie who's consumed by wild conspiracy theories and their implications in this uneven action thriller from director Richard Donner. It's the newsletter Gibson produces that suddenly intensifies interest in him from ominous parties such as creepy Patrick Stewart, who may work for the CIA. But that's only the half of it, because when he turns to Justice Department attorney Julia Roberts for help, the Manchurian Candidate-like plot takes off. Donner glosses over the improbabilities with his usual considerable style and bravura, and Gibson and Roberts make an engaging team, but the uneasy combination of light laughs and unsavoury darkness eventually conspires against them. Conspiracy theorists will love it, though.


A paranoid New York taxi driver constantly regales his passengers with off-the-wall ideas about government cover-ups. However, when one of them turns out to be true, assassins are put on his trail to prevent the secret from being exposed. As he flees for his life, he seeks a government lawyer's help to find out which of his conspiracy theories is true. Thriller, starring Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Patrick Stewart.

Cast & Crew

Jerry Fletcher Mel Gibson
Alice Sutton Julia Roberts
Dr Jonas Patrick Stewart
Agent Lowry Cylk Cozart
Wilson Steve Kahan
Flip Terry Alexander
Cynic Alex McArthur
Clarke Brian J Williams
Director Richard Donner
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosGuidance: Violence and swearing . Available on: video and DVD