Storm and Sorrow

Storm and Sorrow

Richard A Colla (1990)

U Certificate


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This TV movie is based on the true-life exploits of young mountaineer Molly Higgins, who became a last-minute stand-in for another American climber on a 1974 international expedition to the 24,000ft peaks of the north-east Hindu Kush. Director Richard A Colla had shown a flair for location work with the aerial shots in Olly Olly Oxen Free and his views of the Hungarian and Austrian peaks (standing in for the Pamir Mountains) are often spectacular. However, the personal tensions between the climbers are long on chat and short on interest, though Lori Singer shows some spark as the outsider who overcomes opposition and survives tragedy.


An American mountaineer's efforts to scale a peak in the former Soviet Union are hampered by her team-mates, whose squabbles turn the expedition into a battle for survival. Drama, starring Lori Singer, Todd Allen, Marcia Cross and Jay Baker.

Cast & Crew

Molly Higgins Lori Singer
Gary Ullin Todd Allen
Elvira Agnes Banfalvy
Sam Fairbanks Steven Anderson
Doug Lavery John David Bland
Jeff Lowe Jay Baker
Director Richard A Colla
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video