Verity's Summer

Verity's Summer

Ben Crowe (2012)

U Certificate


Our Score
With his feature film debut, writer/director Ben Crowe shows great ambition, but his reach exceeds his grasp in trying to examine a wide range of social issues through the eyes of sulkily precocious teenager Verity (Indea Barbe-Willson). She falls for a Polish cabby (Cristi Hogas) while her academic mother (Nicola Wright) and policeman father (James Doherty) bicker about his involvement with a homeless war veteran (Martin McGlade). The bigger problems under scrutiny range from war crimes and post-combat trauma to the mistreatment of immigrants and domestic dysfunction. It's all set in a middle-class milieu, which is depicted in a measured, mannered style reminiscent of Joanna Hogg (Archipelago). This is a problematic approach, as each incident is enacted with an earnest deliberation intrusively underlined by Alexandros Miaris's score. But Crowe still fails to generate much dramatic momentum. Views of the Northumberland coast are sublime but, for all its sincerity, this is self-consciously arty and a little stultifying.


When a stranger comes to town 16-year-old Verity must confront the secrets surrounding her father's time in Iraq... secrets which may tear her family apart.

Cast & Crew

Verity Indea Barbe-Wilson
Jim James Doherty
Castle Martin McGlade
Anne Nicola Wright
Karol Cristi Hogas
Gina Carrie Cohen
Carl David House
Mrs Robertson Jacqueline Phillips
Director Ben Crowe
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Multistory FilmsReleased on: 1 Mar 2013