The Man Who Knew Too Much

  • PG
  • Alfred Hitchcock (1956)
  • US
  • 114 min
The Man Who Knew Too Much
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3 out of 5

Alfred Hitchcock once told François Truffaut that his 1934 version of this exciting thriller - about a family innocently involved in an assassination plot - was "the work of a talented amateur and the second was made by a professional". There's no doubt that this colour remake is technically more accomplished, while the deft tinkering with the finale adds considerably to the suspense. But not all of the additional 45 minutes are as well spent. Que Sera, Sera might have won the Oscar for best song, but its inclusion was solely to mollify Doris Day fans and the storytelling is occasionally over-deliberate. Nevertheless, James Stewart is superb, and Bernard Miles and Brenda de Banzie make admirable adversaries.

Plot Summary

Thriller starring James Stewart and Doris Day. Dr and Mrs Ben McKenna's touring holiday of North Africa is rudely interrupted when a passing acquaintance dies in their arms - stabbed in the back. While the local police are questioning the couple, they learn that their son Hank has been kidnapped.

Cast and crew


Dr Ben McKenna
James Stewart
Jo McKenna
Doris Day
Mr Drayton
Bernard Miles
Mrs Drayton
Brenda de Banzie
Ralph Truman
Louis Bernard
Daniel Gélin
Rien, the assassin
Reggie Nalder
Mogens Wieth
Val Parnell
Alan Mowbray
Jan Peterson
Hillary Brooke
Hank McKenna
Christopher Olsen
Police inspector
Yves Brainville
Assistant manager
Richard Wattis
Noel Willman
Cindy Fontaine
Carolyn Jones
Leo Gordon
Ambrose Chappell Jr
Richard Wordsworth


Alfred Hitchcock

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