Written on the Wind

  • PG
  • Douglas Sirk (1956)
  • US
  • 95 min
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4 out of 5

For all its flaunting of wealth and power, this melodrama from Douglas Sirk is a brutal indictment of the way the American Dream plunges spiritual values down-market. Rock Hudson and Lauren Bacall star as the "normals" sucked into the hysterical paranoia of a Texas oil millionaire's spoilt offspring, played by Robert Stack and Oscar-winning Dorothy Malone, who are outstanding in their portrayals of unleashed anger and arousal. Flashbacks explain without confusion, and watch the way Sirk uses the colour red to depict Malone's sexuality. It could have been trashy, but in Sirk's masterful hands it becomes a riveting case history.

Plot Summary

Melodrama starring Rock Hudson, Lauren Bacall and Robert Stack. When Lucy Moore falls in love with the handsome son of a Texas millionaire, her life is transformed. But Kyle Hadley is a tormented man with a secret that not even Moore can discover until it's too late.

Cast and crew


Mitch Wayne
Rock Hudson
Lucy Moore
Lauren Bacall
Kyle Hadley
Robert Stack
Marylee Hadley
Dorothy Malone
Jasper Hadley
Robert Keith (1)
Biff Miley
Grant Williams
Hoak Wayne
Harry Shannon
Dan Willis
Robert J Wilke
Dr Paul Cochrane
Edward Platt
Roy Carter
John Larch


Douglas Sirk

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British Film Institute Ltd
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