Game of Death

Game of Death

Robert Clouse (1978)

X Certificate


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When Bruce Lee died suddenly in 1973, the industry he helped bring to a wider audience lost no time in churning out a string of shabby, vaguely tasteless exploitation pieces. This is one of the best known of his posthumous releases and one of the worst. The Lee character - predominantly stand-in Kim Tai Jong - finds himself up against a ruthless gangster (Dean Jagger), who kidnaps his girlfriend (Colleen Camp). The makers originally claimed the film would be drawing on 100 minutes of never-before-seen footage, but precious little seems to have made it to the screen and, apart from a beautifully edited end sequence featuring Lee at his best, this is an embarrassing mess. Inevitably, Chuck Norris is in there, too.


A famous kung fu movie actor fakes his own demise as part of a plot to get back at his ruthless enemies. Martial arts thriller, starring Bruce Lee, Gig Young, Dean Jagger and Chuck Norris.

Cast & Crew

Billy Lo Bruce Lee
Jim Marshall Gig Young
Dr Land Dean Jagger
Steiner Hugh O'Brian
Carl Miller Robert Wall
Ann Morris Colleen Camp
Stick Mel Novak
Hakim Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Pasqual Danny Inosanto
John Billy McGill
Fighter Chuck Norris
Billy Lo Kim Tai Jong
Director Robert Clouse
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Other Information

Language: Cantonese dubbedColourTheatrical distributor: EMI DistsGuidance: Contains violence and swearing. Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray