The Firm

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The Firm

Nick Love (2009)

18 Certificate


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An East London teenager is drawn into the violent world of football hooliganism in this remake of the controversial 1988 BBC drama that starred Gary Oldman as charismatic gang leader Bex. Here, writer/director Nick Love has made an intelligent decision to shift the emphasis away from that character (played efficiently enough by Paul Anderson) to tell the story from the perspective of youngster Dom (Calum MacNab). MacNab gives a solid performance as the teenager who's attracted by the strutting machismo and "casual" gear of the local firm, but repelled by their brutal behaviour. Given that Love's previous work (The Football Factory, Outlaw) has been criticised for its depiction of violence, one might have feared the worst here. But Love's film is clear in its disdain for the thugs' vicious excesses, so much so that there's scant drama in worrying whether the naive hero will stray to the dark side. This is less confrontational than the original, lightening the tone with an array of 1980s fashion crimes and a club-hits soundtrack, while an astute ear for banter-driven comedy keeps it lively throughout.


A teenager in the 1980s idolises a band of football hooligans and is soon drawn into their ranks. As their confrontations with rival teams' supporters grow increasingly violent, he begins to realise he has made a mistake getting involved - but finds leaving the firm is not easy. Remake of Alan Clarke's 1989 drama, starring Calum MacNab and Paul Anderson.

Cast & Crew

Bex Paul Anderson (2)
Dom Calum MacNab
Yeti Daniel Mays
Trigger Doug Allen
Jay Joe Jackson (2)
Snowy Richie Campbell
Usef Jaff Ibrahim
Bob Eddie Webber
Shel Camille Coduri
Suzy Joanne Matthews
Justine Ebony Gilbert
Detective Ben Shockley
Director Nick Love
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: WarnerAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 18 Sep 2009