The 300 Spartans

The 300 Spartans

Rudolph Maté (1962)

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At a time when the "sword and sandal" epic was flourishing in Italy, 20th Century-Fox went to Greece to shoot this antiquarian adventure about the stalwart defence of Thermopylae in 480 BC. With most of the studio's resources diverted to the making of The Longest Day and Cleopatra, the production looks a little threadbare, but the locations are intelligently used by director Rudolph Maté, who also manages to stage the battle sequences on a reasonably convincing scale. Less authentic, however, is the dialogue, which defeats an actor of the calibre of Ralph Richardson and gives an animated statue like Richard Egan no chance at all.


The ruler of the Persian empire vows to expand his realm by conquering Greece. The king of Sparta steps forward to defend his homeland and the other kingdoms of Greece, but when he is betrayed by a political council, he finds himself without an army and must fend off the vast invading army with a mere 300 warriors. Historical drama, starring Richard Egan, Ralph Richardson and Diane Baker.

Cast & Crew

King Leonidas of Sparta Richard Egan
Themistocles of Athens Ralph Richardson
Ellas Diane Baker
Phylon Barry Coe
Xerxes David Farrar
Hydarnes Donald Houston
Gorgo Anna Synodinou
Ephialtes Kieron Moore
Agathon John Crawford
Pentheus Robert Brown
Delegate Laurence Naismith
Artemisia Anne Wakefield
Demaratus Ivan Triesault
Mogistias Charles Fawcett
Myron Michael Nikolinakos
Director Rudolph Maté
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