Amadeus: Director's Cut

Amadeus: Director's Cut

Milos Forman (2001)

PG Certificate


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The winner of eight Oscars and an unexpected box-office smash, Amadeus is simply one of the finest biographical dramas ever made. Reworked rather than simply adapted by Peter Shaffer from his own hit play, the film is as much about the mediocrity and envy of the composer Antonio Salieri as it is about the eccentric genius of his rival Mozart. There is, therefore, a sort of poetic justice in the fact that F Murray Abraham - for those with an interest in biographical minutiae, the "F" stands for Fahrid - pipped Tom Hulce for the best actor award. But surely Jeffrey Jones deserved a nod for his delightful portrayal of Emperor Joseph II? Returning to Prague (standing in for Vienna) for the first time since the Soviet invasion in 1968, director Milos Forman and his regular cinematographer Miroslav Ondricek revel in the beauty of the city, but credit must also go to Patrizia von Brandenstein for her superb sets and inspired choice of location interiors. As one would expect, the music is majestic, thanks largely to Neville Marriner's outstanding interpretation of everything from gypsy dances to Don Giovanni. This director's cut of the film contains an extra 20 minutes of footage not seen in the original theatrical release.


Composer Antonio Salieri is a favoured artist in the court of Austrian emperor Joseph II, but he finds himself pushed aside in favour of a young Mozart. Salieri admires the younger maestro's music, but is incensed that someone so vulgar and obnoxious should be gifted with such talent, and as jealousy consumes him, he plots his rival's downfall. Extended cut of Milos Forman's period drama, adapted by Peter Shaffer from his own play and starring F Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce.

Cast & Crew

Antonio Salieri F Murray Abraham
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Tom Hulce
Constanze Mozart Elizabeth Berridge
Leopold Mozart Roy Dotrice
Emanuel Schikaneder Simon Callow
Emperor Joseph II Jeffrey Jones
Katerina Cavalieri Christine Ebersole
Count Orsini-Rosenberg Charles Kay
Director Milos Forman
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosGuidance: Swearing and nudity.Available on: DVD and Blu-ray