The Incredible Hulk

  • 12
  • Louis Leterrier (2008)
  • US
  • 107 min
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4 out of 5

Director Louis Leterrier pumps some adrenaline back into the Marvel character after the mixed reception that greeted Ang Lee's brooding Hulk in 2003. A typically intense Edward Norton replaces Eric Bana as Dr Bruce Banner, the scientist whose exposure to gamma rays has made him a danger to his girlfriend Betty (Liv Tyler) and a target for her dad, military honcho General Ross (a steely William Hurt). As in his earlier film The Transporter, Leterrier indulges his passion for Parkour (a form of street running), as the Hulk bounds across the rooftops to escape his new genetically modified adversary Emil Blonsky, aka the Abomination (played by Tim Roth). Banner is prodded into "hulking out" with satisfying frequency, but as well as delivering thumping action, the giant is sympathetic. The romantic elements are also shrewdly handled, in a manner that's strongly redolent of King Kong. Yes, it's bigger and brasher, but unlike Lee's film, there is a real sense that Banner and the beast inhabit the same tortured mind, making it easier to stick with him through to the earth-shaking finale.

Plot Summary

Science-fiction action adventure based on the Marvel comic, starring Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, William Hurt and Tim Roth. Army physicist Bruce Banner is exposed to gamma radiation during an experiment that turns him into an incredibly strong green giant in moments of emotional stress. He flees to Brazil in the hope of finding a cure, but ruthless general Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is keen to exploit Banner's condition for the military and sends a soldier of fortune to apprehend him.

Cast and crew


Bruce Banner / The Hulk
Edward Norton
Betty Ross
Liv Tyler
General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross
William Hurt
Emil Blonsky / The Abomination
Tim Roth
Samuel Sterns
Tim Blake Nelson
Major Kathleen "Kat" Sparr
Christina Cabot
Dr Leonard Samson
Ty Burrell
Tony Stark
Robert Downey Jr
Security guard / Voice of the Hulk
Lou Ferrigno
Old man
Stan Lee


Louis Leterrier

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Released 13 Jun 2008
Certificate 12