The Fall of the Essex Boys

  • 18
  • Paul Tanter (2012)
  • UK
  • 87 min
The Fall of the Essex Boys
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2 out of 5

Hard to believe, but this is the fourth film inspired by the 1995 Rettendon Range Rover murders since Essex Boys in 2000 (Rise of the Footsoldier and Bonded by Blood are the other two). The slaughter of three hard-nut drug dealers in an Essex country lane was national news at the time but this brutal, expletive-laden geezer-fest demonstrates that the story has been well and truly squeezed dry. The drama is competently put together but the rat-a-tat narration is intrusive and wearisome while characterisation is perfunctory at best, despite the presence of Kierston Wareing (here playing the same person for the third time).

Plot Summary

Fact-based crime drama exploring the infamous murder of three Essex drug dealers in 1995. The trio of criminals enjoy an untouchable position in the underworld, but acquire enemies on both sides of the law, and when a contaminated ecstasy pill leaves a girl in a coma, it sets in motion a series of events that brings about their downfall. Starring Robert Cavanah and Kierston Wareing.

Cast and crew


Darren Nichols
Nick Nevern
Mickey Steele
Robert Cavanah
Kierston Wareing
DI Philip Stone
Ewan Ross
Pat Tate
Peter Barrett
DC Jefferson
Kate Magowan
Tony Tucker
Jay Brown
Craig Rolfe
Simon Phillips
Jack Whomes
Tony Denham
Chief Miller
Peter Woodward


Paul Tanter

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Violence, swearing, drug abuse, sex scenes, nudity.
Available on DVD
Released 8 Feb 2013
Certificate 18