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  • Ang Lee (2003)
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More than a few eyebrows shot skywards at the news that Ang Lee was to direct this science-fiction action drama, the big-screen treatment of yet another Marvel Comics character following on from the box-office success of X-Men, Spider-Man and Daredevil. After all, the director of The Ice Storm was hardly the obvious choice for a genre more noted for campy fun and destructive action than the subtleties of human relationships. What has emerged is a curate's egg of a movie that is unlikely to totally satisfy anyone. The childhood trauma that feeds Bruce Banner's rage is an oddly grim subplot for what began life as a summer blockbuster, while the later action scenes feel tacked on despite their technical virtuosity. Matters aren't helped by Eric Bana's detached performance as Bruce Banner, but Nick Nolte injects a soupçon of fun as the older incarnation of his insane dad and Lee's use of editing - including split screens to suggest comic-strip frames - is quite innovative. Overall this is worth a look, if only to experience a rare but laudable example of big-budget Hollywood taking a risk.

Plot Summary

Science-fiction action drama based on the Marvel comic, starring Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly. Following exposure to radiation, scientist Bruce Banner transforms into a raging monster whose anger is fuelled by a repressed childhood trauma.

Cast and crew


Bruce Banner / Dr Bruce Krenzler / The Hulk
Eric Bana
Betty Ross
Jennifer Connelly
General Ross
Sam Elliott
Glenn Talbot
Josh Lucas
David Banner
Nick Nolte
Young David Banner
Paul Kersey
Edith Banner
Cara Buono
Young Ross
Todd Tesen
Kevin Rankin
Mrs Krenzler
Celia Weston
Security guard
Stan Lee
Security guard
Lou Ferrigno


Ang Lee

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May be edited for violence.
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Released 18 Jul 2003
Certificate 12