Shadow on the Mesa

Shadow on the Mesa

David S Cass Sr (2013)

12 Certificate


Our Score
In this bland and clichéd made-for-TV western, Wes Brown broods handsomely as a laconic and vengeful bounty hunter who goes in search of his long-lost father (Kevin Sorbo) following his mother's murder. But the gunfighter's presence quickly escalates a violent land feud between rancher Sorbo and his villainous neighbour (Greg Evigan), resulting in a repetitive and unexciting procession of verbal confrontations, ambushes and shoot-outs. With events weakly executed, key plot points are just thrown away, making the film's main body seem like a mere filler in preparation for the equally ineffective climactic showdown. Consequently, while the story brims with tragedy, it lacks emotional impact, despite Sorbo's strong efforts to convey his character's feelings.


A bounty hunter tracks down the father he never knew, hoping to get help avenging his mother's murder. He discovers his estranged parent is now a rancher engaged in a desperate struggle to stop a rival taking his land, and is married to a woman who is hiding a deadly secret. Western, starring Wes Brown and Kevin Sorbo.

Cast & Crew

Wes Rawlins Wes Brown
Ray Eastman Kevin Sorbo
Mona Eastman Gail O'Grady
Director David S Cass Sr

Other Information

Language: EnglishColour