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Edward Dmytryk (1945)

A Certificate


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MGM scored a tremendous success with the then topical war film Bataan back in 1943, so it was a Hollywood inevitability that the Philippines would be revisited, though at least it didn't happen until the conflict in the area was nearly at an end. However, instead of the searing campaign study that was expected, RKO plumped for this routine action film starring John Wayne. Still exciting for all that, the plot features a surprisingly subdued Duke as a colonel leading his unit of guerrillas in an undercover mission through the rather obvious studio foliage to victory. Anthony Quinn fights alongside Wayne, and handles the romantic chores, and it's all expertly directed by former editor Edward Dmytryk.


A hard-bitten American Marine is assigned to lead a rough-and-ready group of soldiers into battle against enemy troops who not only outnumber them, but have them surrounded. Second World War adventure, starring John Wayne, Anthony Quinn, Beulah Bondi, Richard Loo and Fely Franquelli.

Cast & Crew

Colonel Madden John Wayne
Captain Andres Bonifacio Anthony Quinn
Miss Bertha Barnes Beulah Bondi
Dalisay Delgado Fely Franquelli
Major Hasko Richard Loo
Colonel Kuroki Philip Ahn
Maximo "Ducky" Louie
Lieutenant Commander ER Waite Lawrence Tierney
General Homma Leonard Strong
Spindle Jackson Paul Fix
Japanese captain / Diplomat Abner Biberman
Buenaventura J Bello Vladimir Sokoloff
Japanese announcer Benson Fong
Sergeant Biernesa J Alex Havier
Director Edward Dmytryk
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures LtdAvailable on: video and DVD