Alfred Hitchcock (1942)

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Dorothy Parker contributed to the screenplay of this cracking Hitchcock thriller, which cleverly served the dual purpose of warning Americans against Fifth Columnists and providing some much needed escapism. Although Hitch was unhappy with the stars chosen for him by Universal (Robert Cummings and Priscilla Lane), he clearly enjoyed hurtling them around deserts, ghost towns and luxury mansions in a manner that both recalled The 39 Steps and anticipated North by Northwest. The Statue of Liberty finale is the film's best known set piece, but the encounter with a circus troupe and the Radio City Music Hall shoot-out are also bang on the money.


An American aircraft factory worker is wrongly suspected of sabotage when a munitions plant burns down, and he goes on the run - little realising a way of clearing his name is just around the corner. Alfred Hitchcock's thriller, co-written by Dorothy Parker, starring Robert Cummings, Priscilla Lane, Otto Kruger and Norman Lloyd.

Cast & Crew

Barry Kane Robert Cummings
Patricia Martin Priscilla Lane
Charles Tobin Otto Kruger
Freeman Alan Baxter
Neilson Clem Bevans
Frank Fry Norman Lloyd
Mrs Henrietta Sutton Alma Kruger
Phillip Martin Vaughan Glaser
Mrs Mason Dorothy Peterson
Mac the deputy driver Murray Alper
Director Alfred Hitchcock
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