Moby Dick

Moby Dick

Franc Roddam (1998)

PG Certificate


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Reduced to feature length from a 240-minute mini-series, this adaptation of Herman Melville's seafaring classic has been carefully made by Franc Roddam, but it lacks the messy magnificence of John Huston's 1956 version. Patrick Stewart proves a worthy successor to Gregory Peck as the obsessive Captain Ahab, while Peck himself turns in a confident performance as the sermonising reverend so blusteringly played in the 1950s by Orson Welles. Costing $20 million, the production took advantage of mechanical and digital technology to create the great white whale, though this is still one masterpiece that sits better on the page than the screen.


A ship's captain is hell-bent on killing the great white whale that bit off his leg, but his obsessive quest for revenge endangers the lives of all on board. Seafaring adventure, based on Herman Melville's classic novel, starring Patrick Stewart, Henry Thomas and Ted Levine, and featuring a cameo by Gregory Peck, star of the previous 1956 adaptation.

Cast & Crew

Captain Ahab Patrick Stewart
Ishmael Henry Thomas
Father Mapple Gregory Peck
Queequeg Piripi Waretini
Shantyman Michael Jackson (1)
Director Franc Roddam
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains some violence.Available on: video and DVD