Nora Roberts' Northern Lights

Nora Roberts' Northern Lights

Mike Robe (2009)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Small town, big secrets is the clichéd concept behind this pedestrian Nora Roberts adaptation. The predictable romantic mystery sees Eddie Cibrian's Baltimore cop trying to escape past tragedy by becoming police chief of the bizarrely named town of Lunacy in Alaska. Naturally, the snowbound locale isn't as sleepy as he'd hoped, quickly throwing up a long-undiscovered murder that brings him closer to the victim's feisty pilot daughter (country singer LeAnn Rimes). But what's deemed eventful for the eccentric, Northern Exposure-style community is made bland, plodding and unrealistic for viewers, and never really captures the emotional fallout that these incidents would trigger. The over-convenient "eureka" moment also adds to the mediocrity to produce a truly ridiculous climax.


A Baltimore police officer tries to overcome the shock of a partner's death by taking a job in Alaska, where he strikes up a promising relationship with a female pilot. The idyll comes to a sudden halt when her father is discovered in a remote mountain cave with an axe in his chest, leaving the cop with the task of solving the murder. Romantic mystery, starring Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes.

Cast & Crew

Nate Burns Eddie Cibrian
Meg Galligan LeAnn Rimes
Charlene Galligan Rosanna Arquette
Ed Woolcott Greg Lawson
Mayor Hopp Jayne Eastwood
Deputy Otto Gruber William MacDonald
Carrie Hawbacker Christianne Hirt
John Adrian Hough
Director Mike Robe
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence, language and sexual references.Available on: DVD