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  • Vicky Jenson (2009)
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  • 84 min
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2 out of 5

A recent college graduate returns to the bosom of her slightly strange family in this unchallenging comedy drama. After her hopes of a career in publishing don't quite come to fruition, the likeably resilient Ryden (Alexis Bledel, of TV's Gilmore Girls) finds herself living back at home and working in her dad's luggage shop. Meanwhile, her longtime best buddy Adam (Zach Gilford) is undecided about heading to law school on the opposite side of the country. Could this be the end of a beautiful friendship? Quite possibly, if Ryden spends too much time with her hunky Brazilian neighbour (Rodrigo Santoro). If this seems like a 13-year-old girl's idea of adult life, it's because that's precisely the target audience. Michael Keaton is solidly endearing as Ryden's goofy dad, and the rest of her eccentric family is well played by the likes of Carol Burnett and Jane Lynch, so the film is never flat-out terrible - just thoroughly bland.

Plot Summary

Comedy drama starring Alexis Bledel and Michael Keaton. A high-achieving college graduate expects a bright future, but she's immediately thwarted in her attempts to land a publishing job. Instead, she winds up back at home with a family that drives her mad.

Cast and crew


Ryden Malby
Alexis Bledel
Adam Davies
Zach Gilford
Walter Malby
Michael Keaton
Carmella Malby
Jane Lynch
Hunter Malby
Bobby Coleman
Grandma Maureen
Carol Burnett
David Santiago
Rodrigo Santoro
Jessica Bard
Catherine Reitman
Barbara Snaff
Mary Anne McGarry
Roy Davies
J K Simmons


Vicky Jenson

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Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox
Available on DVD
Released 1 Jan 2010
Certificate 12
Twentieth Century Fox Home Ent.