Gunman's Walk

  • Phil Karlson (1958)
  • US
  • 94 min
Gunman's Walk
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3 out of 5

Although he spent most of his career directing low-budget movies, Phil Karlson was one of the shrewdest of his breed. His ability to draw symbolic significance from the landscape is just one of the ways he hauls this pseudo-biblical western up a notch. Another is the subtle manner in which Karlson lets Tab Hunter exhibit his natural tendency to overact, making Hunter's role as the hothead son of former gunslinger Van Heflin one of his best. Kathryn Grant also does well as the mixed-race girl who captures the heart of Heflin's clean-living younger son, James Darren.

Plot Summary

Western starring Van Heflin and Tab Hunter. Growing up in the shadow of former gunslinger Lee Hackett is a tough proposition for his sons Ed and Davy. While Davy looks for love, Ed's explosive temperament threatens to destroy everything his father has built.

Cast and crew


Lee Hackett
Van Heflin
Ed Hackett
Tab Hunter
Clee Chouard
Kathryn Grant
Davy Hackett
James Darren
Will Motely
Mickey Shaughnessy
Harry Brill
Robert F Simon
Purcell Avery
Edward Platt
Jensen Sieverts
Ray Teal


Phil Karlson

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