Finding a Family

Finding a Family

Mark Jean (2011)

PG Certificate


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American teenager Alex Chivescu (Jared Abrahamson) seems to encounter nothing but bad luck in this intensely moving and inspirational true story. Consequently, viewers may need their hankies, as the immigrant's son battles to pursue his Harvard dream after mum Ileana's escalating mental problems force him into care. Every time there's an up in the episodic drama, Alex's world comes tumbling down again, leaving it to the kindness of the clichéd characters he meets to add hope to the emotional, though often simplistically resolved, events. It's all very manipulative but clearly heartfelt, driving home positive messages about education, perseverance and family. A likeable Abrahamson makes you really root for Alex to succeed, while Kim Delaney brings commendable pathos and dignity to her role as his struggling mother.


A teenager who was placed in the care of the state after a car crash left his mother unable to cope devotes himself to his academic career, hoping to gain a place in a respected university. He discovers he is about to be moved to a different district, and tries to find a family to adopt him so he will not be forced to change schools. Fact-based drama, starring Jared Abrahamson and Kim Delaney.

Cast & Crew

Ileana Kim Delaney
Alex Chivescu Jared Abrahamson
Suzanne Bante Sarah-Jane Redmond
Jim Bante Paul McGillion
Jen Bante MacKenzie Porter
Lucy Genevieve Buechner
Henry Dee Jay Jackson
Alex at 10 Collin MacKechnie
Carlos Rafael Pellerin
Director Mark Jean
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Language: EnglishColour