My Family's Secret

My Family's Secret

Curtis Crawford (2010)

12 Certificate
Tue 5 Dec 9:25am - 11am My5


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Multiple Personality Disorder receives heavy-handed treatment in another by-the-numbers thriller from director Curtis Crawford and writer Christine Conradt. Consequently, while the story gradually slots together, jigsaw puzzle-style, there are no actual surprises, as devoted wife Nicholle Tom seeks financial help from her mysterious brother-in-law (Philip Riccio) when her husband is hospitalised following a suicide attempt. But her subsequent probing into the siblings' traumatic childhood causes the obviously unbalanced Riccio to unravel, with predictably violent results. The more Tom's unrealistic snooping upsets his mind, the more OTT Riccio becomes, flipping between personalities in an increasingly unsubtle and unsympathetic way. Naturally, it culminates in a big confrontation, though as in many Crawford/Conradt collaborations, it's very rushed and underwhelming, especially compared with the histrionic outbursts that came before.


A man attempts suicide, leaving a cryptic note claiming he may have caused his sister's death. His wife goes back to his home town in search of answers and asks his brother for help. She does not realise her brother-in-law has a split personality, and digging up the past brings out his more dangerous aspects. Thriller, starring Nicholle Tom, Philip Riccio and Dylan Neal.

Cast & Crew

Lara Darcie Nicholle Tom
Grady Darcie Philip Riccio
Jason Darcie Dylan Neal
Candy Wickson Cinthia Burke
Paul Darcie Peter MacNeill
June Shaeffer Janet-Laine Green
William Paul McCarthy-Boyington
Carla Claudia Jurt
Director Curtis Crawford
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence, language