The Untouchables

  • 15
  • Brian De Palma (1987)
  • US
  • 114 min
The Untouchables
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Film Review
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5 out of 5

In this riveting take on the old TV show from director Brian De Palma, Kevin Costner gives a star-making performance as Eliot Ness, the quiet Treasury agent and family man who picks up a pump-action rifle in order to rid Chicago of bootlegger Al Capone. Always a showman, if not a show-off, De Palma lets loose with a barrage of bloody set pieces, notably the climax at the railway station - a nod to the famous Odessa steps sequence in The Battleship Potemkin. David Mamet's dialogue crackles, Ennio Morricone's music soars and the production design sparkles. Andy Garcia joins the team, and a plumped-up Robert De Niro plays Capone, yet for many the main attraction of this modern classic is Sean Connery's Oscar-winning turn as the veteran Irish cop who shows Costner the ropes.

Plot Summary

Oscar-winning crime drama starring Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia and Robert De Niro. Determined young federal agent Eliot Ness leads a tough team of investigators in a dangerous mission to end Al Capone's violent reign of terror in Prohibition-era Chicago.

Cast and crew


Eliot Ness
Kevin Costner
Jim Malone
Sean Connery
George Stone
Andy Garcia
Al Capone
Robert De Niro
Oscar Wallace
Charles Martin Smith
Richard Bradford
Jack Kehoe
Brad Sullivan
Frank Nitti
Billy Drago
Ness's wife
Patricia Clarkson


Brian De Palma

Other Information

Violence and swearing.
Available on video, DVD and BluRay
Certificate 15