The Christmas Consultant

  • John Bradshaw (2012)
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  • 93 min
The Christmas Consultant
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2 out of 5

An energetic David Hasselhoff plays on his eccentric public persona in this simplistic and undemanding comedy about the real meaning of Christmas. Wide-eyed and manic-looking, the former Baywatch star throws himself into his role as the titular organiser, who's hired by career-focused Caroline Rhea to handle every detail of her disconnected family's yuletide. The result is cheesily predictable, with "the demented elf" effortlessly sorting both practical and emotional issues in an avalanche of laboured verbal humour and silly slapstick that's best appreciated by younger viewers. But easy solutions that emphasise the season's true priorities don't sit well with increasingly jealous mum Rhea, leading to an even more far-fetched final act when she goes into childish meltdown.

Plot Summary

Seasonal comedy starring David Hasselhoff. Maya and Jack are driven career people too busy to organise Christmas so they decide to call in an expert to do it for them. But this arrangement soon leads to friction with the lady of the house.

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David Hasselhoff
Maya Fletcher
Caroline Rhea
Jack Fletcher
Barclay Hope
Anna Fletcher
Jessica McLeod
Frank Fletcher
Ken Camroux
Samuel Patrick Chu


John Bradshaw

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Edited for language.