The Santa Incident

The Santa Incident

Yelena Lanskaya (2010)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Undiscerning older kids should enjoy this playful TV movie in which two young siblings try to help James Cosmo's Santa save Christmas after the military shoots down his sleigh five days before the big event. Predictably clichéd though frequently funny, the slimly plotted tale benefits from some nice casting and a light touch when it comes to the inevitable moral messages. Cosmo is particularly agreeable in his kindly St Nick role, radiating warmth and gentle charm, while a Ben Stiller-ish Greg Germann and subordinate Sean McConaghy deliver increasingly goofy laughs as the bumbling Homeland Security agents who think he's part of an extraterrestrial conspiracy. Ultimately, if you're looking for festive magic or fuzzy sentimentality, there's not much here, but as a throwaway diversion for the over-eights, this comedy does a reasonable job.



Cast & Crew

Joanna Ione Skye
Erickson Greg Germann
Nick James Cosmo
Hank Jonathan Kerrigan
Ross Michael McElhatton
Cunningham Sean McConaghy
Daniel Scott Graham
Sophia Ali Lyons
Director Yelena Lanskaya
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Language: EnglishColour