An Old-Fashioned Christmas

  • Don McBrearty (2010)
  • Ire / US / Can
  • 98 min
An Old-Fashioned Christmas
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2 out of 5

Jacqueline Bisset returns as imperious American socialite Isabella Caldwell in this contrived and weakly scripted yuletide sequel to period morality tale An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving. But though her tongue isn't quite as enjoyably sharp as in the superior original, she still creates plenty of emotional conflict, after taking her granddaughter Tilly (Catherine Steadman, replacing Tatiana Maslany) to Ireland to visit an earl who may be able to further her writing ambitions. Soon romantic and family issues have sidelined literary matters, opening old wounds and most notably leaving Tilly torn between the nobleman's roguish son (Leon Ockenden) and her conveniently arrived fiancé (Kristopher Turner). The suitors' lame one-upmanship and Tilly's subsequent soul-searching feel particularly unrealistic, with the rushed resolutions that follow setting up an ultra-sentimental but typical Christmas ending.

Plot Summary

Seasonal drama, a sequel to An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving, starring Jacqueline Bisset and Catherine Steadman. Aspiring writer Tilly Bassett is taken to Ireland by her wealthy American grandmother in the hope that an old suitor, the Earl of Shannon, can help Tilly get her work published. But the two women are soon involved in the get-rich schemes of the nobleman's wife.

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Isabella Caldwell
Jacqueline Bisset
Tilly Bassett
Catherine Steadman
Gad Hopkins
Kristopher Turner
Leon Ockenden
Lady Shannon
Marion O'Dwyer
Earl of Shannon
Robert O'Mahoney


Don McBrearty

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