Driven to Kill

Driven to Kill

Jeff King (2009)

18 Certificate


Our Score
It's a good job that Steven Seagal is a man of few words because in this far-fetched revenge thriller, he's very hard to understand. Combining his customary mumbling with a heavy accent, he plays a Russian gangster-turned novelist who returns to the American underworld to find the thugs that murdered his ex-wife and left his daughter for dead. Realism and logic take a back seat in the events that follow, as Seagal uses fast-cut brutality to get to the predictable truth - accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack, ranging from heavy rock and tribal drumming to folk music. But while there's plenty of action and violence, it all feels fake and rather flat, with ridiculous camerawork and poor editing sucking the tension out of even the extended gunfight/martial arts finale.



Cast & Crew

Ruslan Drachev Steven Seagal
Stephan Dmitry Chepovetsky
Mikhail Igor Jijikine
Terry Robert Wisden
Catherine Inna Korobkina
Lanie Drachev Laura Mennell
Director Jeff King
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray