The Christmas Pageant

The Christmas Pageant

David S Cass Sr (2011)

PG Certificate


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Melissa Gilbert learns a few rushed lessons about what really matters in life in this contrived and predictable seasonal comedy. Gamely wading through the clichés, she plays a broke Broadway director who ends up in charge of a small-town pageant after getting fired yet again for her temperamental behaviour. But while her big-city ideas initially clash with the stereotyped residents' traditional ways, it's naturally not long before she's succumbing to the community's simple charms - and rekindling her relationship with her conveniently local ex-fiancé (a bland Robert Mailhouse). Unfortunately, for a film about following your heart, events are not very affecting; with one-note performances and flimsy plotting ensuring even the finale isn't as feel-good as it wants to be.


A Broadway director finds nobody is willing to hire her because of her temperamental nature. The only job she can find is organising a small-town Christmas show, and is gradually won over by the charming locals - and renews her relationship with her ex-fiance along the way. Romantic comedy, with Melissa Gilbert and Robert Mailhouse.

Cast & Crew

Vera Parks Melissa Gilbert
Jack Harmon Robert Mailhouse
Garrett Clark Edward Herrmann
Kristen Lennon Wynn
Ethel Clark Candy Azzara
Beverly Simmons Kate Flannery
Anita Corning Jennifer Hall
Director David S Cass Sr
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour
Comedy Drama